How Liposonix Works

1 Treatment, 1 Hour, 1 Size Smaller™

Would you like to lose 1 pant or dress size in Portland without liposuction surgery? With Liposonix, you can. Studies of Liposonix show an average fat reduction of about 1 inch after just 1 hour-long treatment. The results appear gradually between 8 and 12 weeks after treatment as the affected fat is naturally purged from the body.

Now you have a choice.

Liposonix is a revolutionary alternative to liposuction in Portland, Oregon, that targets those last few inches and removes them for good. The secret is high-intensity ultrasound that is delivered at a higher frequency than other non-surgical fat-reduction treatments. The intensity can be controlled to accommodate each patient, thereby giving Liposonix its Custom Contouring™ advantage. Liposonix is an excellent solution for extra fat on the abdomen and is frequently chosen to treat "love handles" and "muffin tops" as well as saddle bags, arms, and other areas where you have unwanted fat.

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Liposonix: The Last Step to Slim

A few unwanted bulges may be all that stands between you and your ideal body. Although a stringent exercise and diet regimen can help you lose weight overall, it cannot "spot treat" areas with persistent fat. In addition, after a certain amount of time, your weight tends to stabilize or plateau, making further body refinements even more difficult.

That's where Liposonix comes in.

Fat reduction with Liposonix requires no anesthesia or incisions, and it is generally quite comfortable. Prior to your treatment, your measurements and weight will be recorded; this will provide Dr. Key with the information he needs to customize the treatment settings to your body type.

On the day of your appointment, you may be provided with oral pain medication for comfort. As the ultrasound energy is directed at your skin, you may feel a sensation of prickling or tingling. Any discomfort can be easily managed by adjusting the intensity of the ultrasound setting. Treatment takes about 1 hour, but it may be longer for larger areas.

You may notice some bruising, redness and swelling after Liposonix, but most patients describe these side effects as mild. Your new body contour will gradually begin to take shape during the next several weeks, with final results visible after 3 months. Additional treatments can bring even more substantial improvements.

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