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Layered Light™ Restorative Skin Care - Your Personalized Program for At-Home Use

How you look speaks volumes. Why not have a voice in what it says? Today, the combination of laser treatments such as Fraxel® and professional strength at-home skin care products are empowering people to do just that. And, the Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine® can help.

The Health Care of Your Skin Is In Your Hands

If you're like most health conscious men and women, you probably wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, and that's great. But, it may not be enough to correct sun-damaged skin. The fact is, the skin is your body's largest organ, and like the heart and the brain, it needs a consistent supply of nutrients to not only look its best, but to prevent the signs of aging. Although no two people are exactly alike, you could go to a big box retailer and buy whatever happens to be the hot, new skin care product that's made for the masses. Or, you could seek professional assistance and pharmaceutical strength products for at-home use and enjoy the benefits of a skin treatment program personalized just for you.

Serving the Pacific Northwest, the Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine in Portland, Oregon is on the forefront on the West Coast in the use of noninvasive lasers, light and energy to reverse the signs of aging and to restore the health, appearance and overall well being of your skin. Call 503-291-1953 or toll free at 800-459-6677, today, and discover how, together, we can prevent sun-damaged skin. Or, request a confidential consultation with Dr. Key.

Layered Light™ Restorative Skin Care Treatment Plan

When you consider all that the skin's exposed to on a daily basis - the sun's ultraviolet light, dirt and pollution - it's no wonder that people can sometimes look aged beyond their years. Cosmetic medicine offers a wide variety of laser treatments to correct the signs of aging, but maintenance and the prevention against potential damage is probably the most important aspect of youthful looking skin, even more so than defensive actions such as sunscreens. For this reason, the Key Laser Institute has developed exclusive Skin Care Products that allow you to take skin care into your own hands at home. Introducing Layered Light™ Restorative Skin Care™, exclusive to the Key Laser Institute.

No single skin care product works to prevent the signs of aging in all patients. To that end, we take three steps to ensure the perfect, prescription-strength program to protect your appearance. First, we assess your skin. Then, we choose the products that are right for your skin, as well as provide you with expert information as to its proper use. Finally, we take into consideration issues such as seasonal hydration, and offer our recommendations. Regardless of your skin type and its condition, with proprietary formulations of natural nutrients, antioxidants, L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and hyaluronic acid (the same ingredients found in fillers such as Restylane® and Juvederm™), your skin protected.

Your Layered Light™ Restorative Skin Care™ program can be easily combined with any of our cosmetic medical laser treatments such as Fraxel® as a way of enhancing the benefits of both and, ultimately, doing Away with Lines & Wrinkles! Together, we can protect your investment in your appearance for years to come.

Choose With Confidence™. Learn more about at-home, pharmaceutical-strength skin care products for preventing the signs of aging by calling Dr. Key today at the Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine in Portland, Oregon at 503-291-1953 or on the West Coast at 800-459-6677. Email the Key Laser Institute today for more information or request a confidential cosmetic consultation.