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Away with Lines & Wrinkles!

What's Good For The Spirit Isn't Always Great For the Skin

You've enjoyed the good life - years spent at the beach and on the slopes. And that's good! Except that all of that fun in the sun, on the sand, in the snow and in the wind eventually took its toll on the condition of your skin, as did the simple passage of time. You're not alone. The fact is, for many men and women, the appearance of their skin today was decided years ago by genetics. But with a nonsurgical facelift, Portland, Oregon residents are discovering there's something they can do today to ensure beautiful skin tomorrow.

Serving the Pacific Northwest, the Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine® in Portland, Oregon is on the forefront on the West Coast in the use of noninvasive lasers, light and energy to reverse the signs of aging and to restore the health, appearance and overall well being of your skin. Call 503-291-1953 or toll free at 800-459-6677, today, and discover how cosmetic medical treatments are doing away with lines and wrinkles. Or, request a confidential consultation with Dr. Key.

Away With Lines & Wrinkles!

Heredity, weathering and time can all cause the skin to lose its suppleness; to crease into fine lines and wrinkles; and, to soften and droop. The combination can contribute to an aged, tired appearance that probably doesn't reflect either your age or how you feel.

Fortunately, you don't have to feel guilty and you don't have to live with a look you don't love. You can continue to enjoy the good life, for lines and wrinkles, as well as the loss of tone and firmness can be reduced, eliminated and even prevented by the unparalleled selection of state-of-the-art laser treatments and light and energy technologies available at the Key Laser Institute:

  • Neck, Chest & Hands:
    The signs of aging… Unlike the face, it's harder to cover imperfections on the neck, chest, and hands. CO2 DOT Therapy, Fraxel®, and CoolBreeze™ laser treatments can tighten the skin and stimulate the growth of healthy collagen both on the skin's surface and deep underneath.
  • Exclusive Layered Light™:
    Exclusive to the Key Laser Institute, Dr. Key's patented skin rejuvenation process involves a customizable combination of laser, light and energy to painlessly rebuild collagen, smooth and tighten the skin, as well as clear up pigmentation problems. Combining procedures such as CO2 DOT Therapy, Intense Pulsed Light, CoolBreeze and Fraxel, a more youthful look can easily be restored.

Choose With Confidence™. Learn more about non-invasive, skin rejuvenation procedures for doing away with lines and wrinkles by calling Dr. Key today at the Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine in Portland, Oregon at 503-291-1953 or on the West Coast at 800-459-6677. Email the Key Laser Institute today for more information or request a confidential cosmetic consultation.