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What About My Neck, Chest & Hands?

How you look speaks volumes. Why not have a voice in what it says? Today, the smoothing away of the signs of aging on the neck, chest and hands with laser, light and energy are empowering people to do just that. And, the Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine® can help.

The Face Is Obvious

When it comes to showing the signs of aging, the face is obvious; it's your most important feature, and one that you look carefully at each and every day. Unfortunately, often times, those areas of the body that you easily overlook are precisely what others use to gauge your age - your neck, chest and hands. And, in the case of the hands and neck, it's difficult to conceal skin imperfections with make-up.

The good news is there are numerous non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments and cosmetic medical procedures that weren't available just a few short years ago that can allow you to once again show off the grace and allure of your neck and chest and that will have you talking with your hands rather than sitting on them.

Serving the Pacific Northwest, the Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine in Portland, Oregon is on the forefront on the West Coast in the use of noninvasive lasers, light and energy to reverse the signs of aging and to restore the health, appearance and overall well being of your skin. Call 503-291-1953 or toll free at 800-459-6677, today, and discover the many alternatives to plastic surgery for the treatment of the neck, chest and hands. Or, request a confidential consultation with Dr. Key.

A More Youthful Look With Layered Light™

The effects of gravity - sagging and looseness of the skin - are not exclusive to the face. In fact, your neck, chest and hands suffer from the same thinning of the collagen deep below the surface of the skin. This collagen is responsible for lifting and holding our skin tight. And, the loss of collagen is responsible for the signs of aging. At the Key Laser Institute, we tighten the skin by utilizing lasers, light and energy to stimulate the growth of new collagen. This is not plastic surgery. This is a way to not only reverse the effects of gravity on the deeper, structural collagen, but also on the surface collagen negatively affected by years of over exposure to the sun. And, Layered Light™ is preventative in that it protects against undesirable changes in the immediate future.

Layered Light™ is a proprietary customizable skin rejuvenation process patented by Dr. Key. It does not conceal the lines and wrinkles associated with aging, but rather rebuilds lost collagen by carefully layering selected forms of laser, light and energy:

  • Layered Light™: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) = the removal of surface discoloration.
  • Layered Light™: Cool Touch® laser = skin regeneration and the creation of a new, more youthful skin surface.
  • Layered Light™: Fraxel® = the smoothing and tightening of skin for the elimination of deep lines and wrinkles.

These are but a small sample of the wide array of Layered Light™ combinations for skin rejuvenation on the neck, chest and hands, as well as the face, arms, abdomen and thighs. Which combination will unlock more youthful looking skin for you? The options are endless, the non-surgical procedures quickly administered, and the results ultimately incredible. And, as Dr. Key developed Layered Light™, you'll only find it at the Key Laser Institute.

Choose With Confidence™. Learn more about non-invasive skin treatments for lines and wrinkles on the neck, chest and hands by calling Dr. Key today at the Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine in Portland, Oregon at 503-291-1953 or on the West Coast at 800-459-6677. Email the Key Laser Institute today for more information or request a confidential cosmetic consultation.