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Go for the WOW! The Latest Use of Facial Fillers

What’s hot right now?! Turn up the volume! Look at a picture of your younger self. What do you see? You probably see a slightly fuller face. That is the natural shape of beauty. YES! Fat gives you that natural fullness and lift of youth. As you age, you lose fat in your cheeks and temples. This makes… Read More

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

Let’s get real and talk about hair loss. It can affect anyone at any age. “One tries to look their best…while coming and going. Guys think the backs of their heads don’t show but having a fuller head of hair does matter a lot,” said Dr. Key. “This under-discussed problem can often be more important… Read More

Key Laser’s Favorite Cosmetic Beauty Resources

Getting any sort of cosmetic work done, whether it’s major surgery or Botox® injections, used to be a totally taboo subject. Because of this, many of our patients still choose to keep Key Laser their secret. There is nothing wrong with this but it’s nice to see society start viewing things differently. It is always helpful to… Read More