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Pucker Up Much? Then it’s Time to Talk about Collagen and Lip Lines!

Ever think much about how often you pucker up? I mean really, we do it all the time and I’m not just talking about kissing! Sipping through a straw, blowing up birthday balloons, whistling, blowing on hot soup, and yes, blowing kisses – we’re puckering up all the time. If anything shows our age, number… Read More

Fine Tuning with SculpSure®—When Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough.

Does this sound familiar? You exercise regularly eat a healthy diet and are in pretty good shape, yet certain areas of your body just won’t let go of the fat. The belly pooch, love handles, and bra fold are persistently present and no amount of sit-ups, trail runs or skipped meals seem to make a… Read More