5 Things Even Smart People Get Wrong About Sunscreen

We all know using sunscreen is practicing proper skin care. It helps us look young and fresh and decreases the risk of skin cancer. But with the warnings out there and the myriad of products available, many people still seem to be misinformed about protecting themselves against dangerous UV rays. Here are five things the staff at The Key Laser Institute recommend to help you achieve beautiful, healthy skin.

1. Not Drinking Enough Water

If you don’t drink water throughout each day, now is the best time to start. With all the sodas and flavored waters available, many of us don’t hydrate sufficiently to ensure good skin health. We should be drinking water early and often during the day. Starting the day with a glass of water not only brings much-needed moisture to the body, but it also activates your metabolism. As a bonus, keeping your body hydrated helps increase volume beneath the skin surface.

2. Failing to Wear Sunscreen Daily

We shop for medical-grade skincare products, then put them on the shelf until we go to the beach or by the pool. You should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily, whether you go outside a lot or not. And don’t rely solely on makeup and foundation with SPF. These usually don’t have enough UV protection to be effective in protecting your skin.

3. Not Applying Enough Sunscreen

If you read labels, you’ll see that you should apply at least one and a half ounces of sunblock to cover your body. Though that may be enough for one application, how long are you planning to spend outside during the day? You should reapply consistently, because sunscreen’s effectiveness will break down over time.

When you’re playing outdoor sports or swimming, you should reapply sunscreen at least every half-hour. Sweat and water will break down the protection, even when the product label says “water-resistant.”

4. Believing a Base Tan Prevents a Burn

Many people think they won’t need as much sunscreen if they try to get a bit more color in their skin. This reasoning is wrong; there is no healthy or safe way to tan. You should apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going out into the sun. This practice allows the body to absorb the ingredients deep in the dermis to maximize protection.

5. Assuming Darker Skin Won’t Burn

No matter your skin tone, it needs protection from the sun. Although darker skin tones don’t show the effects of the sun as much as lighter ones do, overexposure to UV rays can still affect you adversely. If you have darker skin,  practice skin protection by using sunscreen and following proper skin protection.

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