ALMI: Taking Fat Transfer to the Next Level

The breaking news at Key Laser Institute is we are taking fat transfer injection to the next level with ALMI (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection). All Me…All Natural.

FAT….Nature’s Missing Ingredient for Anti-Aging!

Fat transfer is not new to us at KLI, the break thru is ALMI.  Fat transfer has actually never been about fat, but about cells, which live in ordinary tummy and love handle fat, called progenitor cells, or more exactly, mature adult stem cells.

Although traditional fat transfer injections have given us great results, ALMI has the promise for even better results!

Why is ALMI better?

Don’t get me wrong, fillers are great for “fine tuning.” The ALMI fat transfer injection offers a purer progenitor cell transfer, making it better for restoring youthful natural shape to the face, with results that outlast any “filler.”

How does ALMI work?

The first step, and maybe most important, is your consult with me, Dr Douglas Key. This consult is assisted by bringing a few photos of yourself from when you were 10 to 20 years younger.  The second step is the day of your ALMI procedure.  A small area of unwanted excess fat, maybe the tummy or love handles, are numbed by injection, and then 20 cc’s, equivalent to 4 teaspoons of fat cells, are gently withdrawn.  This cellular mix of fat and progenitor cells is then passed through a series of ALMI filters. A fat transfer enriched with progenitor cells is now ready to be transferred by injection, to restore a more youthful facial form.

The entire ALMI procedure takes approximately 90 minutes, with minimal to no downtime.

Where does ALMI work?

Where to inject is part of the artistry of ALMI. You can receive injections in the cheeks, around the mouth folds, hands, even the breasts!

With ALMI you’ll look like you’ve turned back the hands of time! Say hello to the new world of biocellular medicine, say hello to a more youthful you, say hello to ALMI.