Biocellular Medicine and NanoFat – The New Face of Regenerative Medicine

We are at a turning point—a turning point that may change the way we look at most things in medicine. This story began a few years ago when we first started talking about ALMI, All Me=All Natural.  ALMI, referred to as Autologus Lipocyte Micronized Injection, is not a drug, but rather your own cells, extracted from one area of your body and then given back to you in another area.  We like to refer to is as…the new face of biocellular medicine.

This story begins with taking something “old” and trying to make something “new” borrowing fat from say that tummy and instead of just injecting that unwanted fat into the faces, hands, or breast for a more youthful appearance, and adding one little step. “Micronizing” or passing the fat just before reinjection through a series of gradients to reduce the size of fat particles, with the thinking that smaller size of fat particles would give greater fat survival and better results, and that is not how this story ends.

Hold your seats! When you pass this unwanted fat from your tummy through these gradient filters what you have left is not just a better result, but instead of smaller lumps of fat cells, but something far more valuable than fat cells that maybe only survive for a few months, but instead , almost by accident, instead of fat cells, what you now have left by removing most the short-lived fat cells, are regenerative cells, many of which are “nature’s gold”, mature adult stem cells.

We’ve actually known for some time that there has been a bit of a mystery with fat transfer injection. How can results last decades, when the transferred fat cells only last months? Answer: It was never the fat cells. It was always the Stem cells, the bodies healing cells hidden in the fat that was giving us our results! In short micronizing fat cells doesn’t just give us smaller fat cells, it gets rid of the unwanted fat cells, and leaves behind stem cell-rich stromal vascular fraction.

Welcome to the world of nanofat and ALMI. So where is this taking us, well there are almost a thousand times more regenerative cells in fat then there are in bone marrow!

The use of nanofat, ALMI, or microfat injections for facial correction of aging hollowing, restoration of youthful shape for hands and face is really not about fat, but about the biocellular medicine of the future, regenerative stem cell enhancement for aging reversal.

On my next blog, I will take you one step further and talk about a regenerative stem cell-rich concentrate called cellular vascular fraction and research protocols and how that is being used for arthritis and more.