Botox Maintenance: How Often Should I Get Botox?

Botox is practically a miracle: it doesn’t just provide instant rejuvenation, it’s non-invasive, long-lasting, and incredibly safe. Botox has been the standard for facial rejuvenation for decades, but like most beauty regimens, it has its very own routine. The good news is, like its procedure, Botox maintenance is quite simple.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is an injectable that relaxes the muscles in your face responsible for creating expression lines, which are the wrinkles and creases that form on your face after decades of facial movement. Botox doesn’t just do wonders on the peskiest signs of aging, it can even work on heavy bands on the neck that makes it look saggy and loose.

What Should My Botox Regimen Be?

Botox can take anytime from a few days to a week for the full effects to show, but the best part is that the results can last more than a few months. The perfect Botox regimen is all about maintaining your new, youthful look without overdoing it and looking completely frozen—and the good news is that it’s typically achievable with a Botox session every 3-4 months. For even better news: if you consistently use Botox for a long time, Botox can “train” your facial muscles to stay constantly relaxed. That means that eventually, the intervals between your Botox sessions will get conveniently longer and longer.

What Am I Maintaining Exactly?

It all really depends. While there is a rough timeline for Botox treatments, people are unique, and your regimen should fit with your unique goals. Some people wait to re-administer Botox the minute their muscles start to move in an unsightly way. Other patients wait until their wrinkles and lines fully reappear before they get another treatment. Whether you’re one or the other or in between, Botox is versatile enough to fit with whatever you want.

Like all the best beauty regimens, this one requires a routine, practice, and maybe even a little bit of ceremony. What’s your routine going to be like? Contact the Key Laser Institute now, to find out.

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