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What Areas of the Body Can Be Transformed With a Fat Transfer?

Although excess fat in the tummy or thigh area can be a problem with women and men, the extra tissue can benefit facial rejuvenation. A fat transfer treatment offers a safe and effective result for replacing lost volume in multiple areas, including the face, lips, and hands. This advanced cosmetic treatment can transform not only… Read More

How a Fat Transfer Can Help You Look Younger

You’ve likely heard a lot about facial fillers and their ability to deliver natural results and a youthful complexion. However, another of our most in-demand treatments involves transferring the patient’s natural fat o facial hollows and voids. Facial fat transfer has become a widely used alternative to dermal fillers because of its ability to recontour… Read More

A Fat Transfer Takes Your Skin From Sunken To Sensational

Fat isn’t a bad thing! A Fat Transfer can move your very own cells to restore volume to other areas of your face, making sunken spots for long-lasting natural results. Ready to take the next step in claiming control over your aesthetics? Contact us or call (503)-291-1953 today to schedule your consultation!

Your Own Fountain of Youth? It Might be that Unwanted Fat Around Your Middle!

It may sound too good to be true, but that unwanted fat around your middle is rich in regenerative cells. These cells, called mesenchymal (that’s “me-zen-kaim-ull”) stem cells, may well be your own fountain of youth for treating aging skin in your face and neck. In fact, “tummy fat” is 1,000 times richer in these… Read More

“All Me—ALL Natural”: Turning back the hands of time with ALMI.

When it comes to maintaining our looks and achieving the appearance of beautiful healthy skin, who doesn’t want to hold back the hands of time? The desire to recapture and hold onto our youth is universal and with ALMI, restoring that youthful glow has never been more attainable—especially for patients considering fillers or injections who want… Read More

ALMI: Taking Fat Transfer to the Next Level

The breaking news at Key Laser Institute is we are taking fat transfer injection to the next level with ALMI (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection). All Me…All Natural. FAT….Nature’s Missing Ingredient for Anti-Aging! Fat transfer is not new to us at KLI, the break thru is ALMI.  Fat transfer has actually never been about fat, but… Read More