CoolSculpting®: More Cool Questions & Answers

Here are some more commonly asked questions about the new, FDA-cleared, noninvasive fat removal procedure CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ™:

Question: I don’t just want 20-30% of my fat gone: can CoolSculpting make ALL my fat go away?
Answer: Well let’s get real for a moment and ask a really hard question: how much fat do we remove with lasers and liposuction? After all the years of Portland lipo surgery, no one has any real scientific notion what percentage surgeons take out because the answer depends on the patient’s anatomy and how much needs to be taken out to achieve the patient’s specific goals.The best answer that every doctor is told to tell his or her patients is that about 50% of fat can be removed with liposuction. But with CoolSculpting, we know that ONE treatment can remove up to 30% of fat. Want more gone? Add another treatment. Some with more to lose do three treatments. It’s great because there’s no downtime, it’s permanent, and it’s comfortable.Question: How do I know if I am a good patient for CoolSculpting?
Answer: If you are healthy, close to your ideal weight, and the fat you want to get rid of looks “poochy,” then you may be a good candidate for CoolSculpting.

Question: Will I get tightening with CoolSculpting?
Answer: The direct answer is that the FDA clearance for CoolSculpting does not list the treatment as a way of tightening the skin. However, if you look at the CoolSculpting treatment photos on the Web, the patients’ skin looks tighter. What’s happening is that the body responds to treatment with some natural tightening of skin anyway over several months after treatment.

Question: Are there other treatments I can do with my CoolSculpting to get better skin tightening?
Answer: Yes. Lasers and Thermage® can tighten, and Ultherapy® can tighten and lift. The great news that makes CoolSculpting so unique to Key Laser Institute is that we have all of the choices for you to choose from to make for a better treatment for you.

Question: Which is the best treatment for me, CoolSculpting or Layered LaserLipo?
Answer: The simple answer is if you simply want less fat and want to slim without surgery, then CoolSculpting is the choice for you; you can achieve this with one, two or three or more sessions. The great thing about the Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine is you really have two great choices with CoolSculpting and LaserLipo. Let us help you find the best choice for you.

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