Dr. Key Travels the World – ThermiSculpt Expert: ASLMS Presentation Part 1

Last month, Dr. Key traveled to Boston to present at the annual conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery(ASLMS). He had the very prestigious honor of presenting his findings from the ThermiSculpt trials he has conducted at Key Laser. ThermiSculpt is the latest and one of the most effective skin tightening treatments that is now available. Dr. Key will recap his travels here on the blog over the course of the next few weeks.
Dr. Key:

April 3rd was a working dinner meeting. We had just arrived in Boston. Literally got there, hopped in a taxi and figured out where everyone was meeting. No one had time to change. The usual…one of the plastic surgeons was from Colorado, his luggage didn’t arrive. Some of us were under-dressed,  according to Boston standards. But if the luggage doesn’t come, your sort of stuck. We were meeting to discuss ThermiSculpt, a breakthrough technology in skin tightening. But what was wonderful about that evening meeting was that we had the industry leaders in attendance, whether they were aligned with the product or not. Hailing from all over the country, these were leaders in dermatology with lasers, leaders in plastic reconstructive cosmetic surgery, and people leading in the world of facial plastic surgery. It was a small, tight dinner meeting. There were maybe 20 of us all together. And there were people I’ve known for years and people I’ve only known virtually, through phone contact and web seminars. There were also the people there who created this product. It turned out ironically that, little be known to myself,  we at Key Laser have acquired the major experience with ThermiSculpt. Period. Other physicians turn to us to learn how to best use this technology in the lower face and neck area. I thought we were following. Turns out we are leading.

So, everyone was very interested in how we went about things. What was interesting, regarding our different surgical backgrounds, was with the way we all approach things. There are subtle differences in technique in aesthetic use that are just different. It is difficult to determine what those differences are in verbal telephone conversation. You discover those differences in face-to-face discussion. It became evident. So, roughly half the attendees have come because they’ve heard of ThermiSculpt, became interested, and thought this might be ground breaking. So, we were off to a rolling start on a Thursday evening.

Stay tuned for more updates from Dr. Key!

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