Get Into Your Skinny Jeans with Vanquish

We’re really excited to offer a new noninvasive option in the fight against unwanted fat. Vanquish is an easy, painless treatment option to eliminate large areas of fat from the abdomen, flanks and back.

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Vanquish selectively delivers radiofrequency waves to fat cells heating them up enough to cause apoptosis, or natural cell death without harm to skin, internal organs, or muscles. The body then processes the dead fat cells and naturally eliminates them.

See Whoopi Goldberg talk about her Vanquish experience on The View. 

Vanquish is noninvasive with no contact with your skin. You feel a gentle warming sensation as the radiofrequency is delivered to the targeted area. Key Laser is the first clinic to pair Vanquish treatments with Thermal Image Monitoring. During the treatment a technician uses an infrared camera to monitor thermal hot spots and direct the treatment to maximize safety and efficacy. By using Thermal Image Monitoring we are able to offer longer and fewer treatments. That means you are several treatments closer to your skinny jeans.

See Vanquish in Allure Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar.