How a Fat Transfer Can Help You Look Younger

You’ve likely heard a lot about facial fillers and their ability to deliver natural results and a youthful complexion. However, another of our most in-demand treatments involves transferring the patient’s natural fat o facial hollows and voids. Facial fat transfer has become a widely used alternative to dermal fillers because of its ability to recontour the face to the desired outcome without synthetic formulations.

Women and men tend to lose facial fullness as they age. Cheeks will begin to flatten, and undereye hollows will emerge. These flaws result from thinning layers of underlying fat, a loss of bone tissue, and gravity. To resolve this problem, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Douglas Key offers autologous fat transfer. This process includes extracting fat cells from donor sites like the butt, abdomen, or thighs and grafting them into facial voids through injections to restore jawlines, cheek volume, and resolve undereye hollows.

A Tried-and-True Treatment

While autologous fat transfer might sound revolutionary, this practice is not new. Surgeons have been employing fat transfers for decades to regrow skin, reconstruct damaged faces, and skin grafts. What has become groundbreaking is its ability to treat specific facial areas and the hands using injection with fine needles.

The facial fat transfer is a miracle of precise correction. Few people are happy with the way their faces age over time. They want to maintain their facial beauty while aging gracefully, without a dramatic change in how they once looked.

Repeat Performance

The advantage of this treatment is that Dr. Key uses tissue harvested from donor sites on your body. That means there are no artificial products or risk of rejection. The most noticeable side effect is some redness for a few days. You can have repeat treatment sessions until we achieve your desired outcome.

The facial fat transfer has longer-lasting benefits than dermal fillers because your blood nourishes the donor fat cells. The transferred fat cells will grow and thrive in their new location to the point that they’ll even respond to weight fluctuations.

Eventually, the natural aging process will take its toll once again – from lifestyle habits or your environment – to form wrinkles and sagging tissues. But don’t fret. You can return for touch-up fat transfers as often as you like.

Natural Advantages

To get optimal results that last longer, you can have your facial fat transfer concurrently with a platelet-rich plasma treatment. This combination will ensure the grafted tissue gets sufficient blood supply. Since these platelets have stem cells, they will trigger collagen and elastin production for structural support and tighter skin.

It’s Time to Make a Change

The future is about choosing procedures to help you maintain your beauty without going under the knife. At Key Laser, we want our patients to realize they have a choice. With years of dermatology clinical research under his belt, Dr. Key has the expertise in using fat grafting to renew aging skin. Facial fat transfer is an excellent option to achieve natural-looking results using the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

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