How to Achieve Your Best Results? Combination treatment!

We all know one size does not fit all. Never is this more apparent than with personal skin care! One treatment regimen that may be the perfect solution for your best friend might not yield the same results for you. This should come as no surprise – after all, we are each unique and should approach our own skin care in a unique way. This is why we love combination treatments.

By combining different therapies and procedures we can tailor a treatment plan that is customized just for your specific needs and skin type. Further, what works great on one part of the body, may not be as effective in other areas that require a more delicate touch and only a combination of treatments will yield the best results. Whether it is laser treatment combined with a tailored skin care regimen [or another combination] we have found that certain therapies are simply more effective when done together.

For example, Ultratherapy Plus is an excellent combination therapy to effectively smooth and tighten skin on the face, neck, and décolletage/chest, as well as the more sensitive areas around the eyes, mouth and under chin. Ultherapy Plus combines the strength and efficacy of Ultherapy with the gentleness of ThermiSmooth, allowing us to also improve areas that are usually harder to treat. The result of this combination treatment is more evenly smoothed and tightened skin and a more natural youthful appearance.

How you care for your skin is personal and what you do for your skin at home is just as important as the treatment you have done in the office. At Key Laser, we take a personal approach to every patient and tailor the best treatment combination and skin care regimen for each individual.

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