How To Transition Your Skincare From Winter To Spring

After months of colder weather, Spring is almost here. Winter has left the building (almost), taking with it our gloomy moods and itchy, dry skin. And while we’ve spent the first three months of 2021 layering balms, serums, and oils, temperatures are on the rise, as is humidity. This shift in weather means our skin is in for a shock. How do we prep our skin for the warmer days ahead? 

Skincare Routine for Spring

During the winter months, skin can become flaky and dry, responding to the low temperatures. Heavy oils and moisturizers are fine and dandy for winter skin but won’t transition well to Spring. Here are a few suggestions to jumpstart your spring skincare routine.

Spring Cleaning

Skin becomes tired and dull-looking after a long winter, as damaged and dead cells stack up on the surface. If you’ve used hydrating, cream-based cleansers throughout the colder months, switch to a gentle and light gel for Springtime. There’s no need to worry about dry air now. It’s time to give your skin a fresh cleaning. 

The close of winter is an ideal time to exfoliate. Gentle treatment is best suited, especially from a medical-grade spa. 

The season’s changing is your opportunity to visit the Key Laser Institute for exfoliation through advanced technology. We can advise you on treatments like IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy to harmonize skin tones. With the treatment advantages from a board-certified dermatologist, you’ll emerge from the winter months with a radiant, beautiful glow. 

Adjust Your Moisturizing Routines

Heavy moisturizers are excellent for winter when skin needs more protection from colder, drier air. But when Spring arrives with its warmer temperatures, it’s best to move to a lighter product so your skin can breathe. Look for replenishing products like Replenish Hydrating Cream from Skin Medica or a  hyaluronic acid-based moisturizer. Since the sun is becoming more intense, you might choose a moisturizer with built-in sun protection, too.

Hydrating your skin goes well beyond applying a product. As the temperatures rise, your body needs more H2O, as does your skin. Pay close attention to your fluid intake by drinking water throughout the day and consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

With the sun at a higher angle, your skin will be exposed to more intense doses of UV rays whenever you’re outdoors. It’s smart to wear sunscreen year-round, but now that it’s Spring, you should take extra care. 

We recommend a full-spectrum sunscreen like Essential Defense and limit your time exposed to the sun. The transition to Spring is the perfect time to check your sunscreen for expiration dates. Replace any products that have been open for a few months.  

Seek the shade when outdoors to protect yourself from the sun. Wear long sleeves and wide-brimmed hats, too. Such practices limit the premature aging effects the sun can inflict on your skin, including wrinkles, rough textures, and dark spots. 

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