Introducing: SculpSure

How does one sculpt their body, exactly? Diet? Exercise? Maybe a cosmetic procedure? Thanks to new technology, there are newer, faster, and more gentle ways to recontour your figure. Most people have stubborn pockets of fat that are almost impossible to eliminate with diet or exercise, and it’s these small, impervious flaws that are keeping them from having the body they deserve. For those that want to take charge of their figure without a painful, lengthy procedure, Key Laser is proud to introduce one of the latest non-invasive body contouring devices: SculpSure.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is one of the newest and most revolutionary body contouring procedures in the industry; using a specific wavelength of energy, SculpSure can pinpoint unwanted pockets of fat and eliminate them completely. It’s completely non-surgical, since the energy passes through the skin, leaving it untouched, while targeting fat specifically.

The SculpSure treatment can be completed in a short, comfortable 25-minute treatment. During the procedure, the patient will be able to comfortably recline while the SculpSure treatment works its magic through its versatile applicators. The SculpSure treatment also has a unique cooling system that not only protects the skin from the energy, but also keeps patients comfortable.

The Science of SculpSure

What makes SculpSure so special? It’s the light technology that allows for specific targeting of stubborn fat. SculpSure passes a specific wavelength of diode laser light that targets fat without being absorbed into the skin. That makes SculpSure so much more efficient and comfortable than other treatments, and allows the fat cells in your body to absorb the full brunt of the light diode energy. Your fat cells are then eliminated, flushed from the body naturally and gradually.

SculpSure Results

Because it’s non-invasive, SculpSure is gentle enough to have no required downtime after each treatment. Patients typically start to see results as early as 6 weeks following their treatment, and by 12 weeks, patients should be able to see their amazing SculpSure results. That means that in as little as 4 months, our SculpSure patients should see a tighter, leaner, more athletic figure, and all without surgery. It’s that easy to get rid of stubborn fat.

Key Laser has dedicated itself to finding and offering the most advanced, scientifically proven technology to its patients. For amazing results without a single incision or suture, contact Key Laser now, for a consultation.