NovaThreads “101” – An Introduction to the Latest Advancement in Skin Rejuvenation

You’ve probably heard the phrase “everything old is new again” and you’ve undoubtedly seen yesterday’s fashions return freshly updated repeatedly through the years. Well this is also true for the latest breakthrough in aesthetic medicine! I’m talking about NovaThreads, which are essentially self-dissolving sutures at their core, but are also one of the most exciting advancements in skin rejuvenation treatments available today.

You might be wondering what is so revolutionary about self-dissolving sutures. On their own, the answer is nothing. Self-dissolving sutures have been around for decades and are used worldwide in everyday medical practice. NovaThreads, however, have taken the common self-dissolving suture to new heights through an innovative application previously unheard of.

NovaThreads are super fine-gauge, fully absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) fibers – aka, self-dissolving sutures – that are injected beneath the skin’s surface to both lift the surrounding tissue and stimulate new collagen production. NovaThreads basically have two forms: smooth threads that are used to smooth unwanted lines, give definition to shape a lip, or simply stimulate collagen regeneration and promote healthier skin; or a second form with nearly microscopic serrations that actually grip and lift when inserted in the dermal layer beneath the skin.

The truly exciting part is not just how safe and effective NovaThreads have proven to be in skin rejuvenation and the restoration of a youthful appearance, but also how minimally invasive the procedure is. By injecting the threads beneath the epidermis, the outer layer of skin is left undamaged. No cuts are required and because the needles used to inject the threads are so fine, there are few, if any, visible effects other than a little redness immediately post-procedure. You can now literally achieve the results of a traditional lift without going under the knife or worrying about an extended recovery time!

The broad applications of NovaThreads are also diverse and deliver terrific results on the face, brow, chin, neck, and décolleté, as well as breast and buttock lifts, or even lifts of sagging skin above the knees. As revolutionary as NovaThreads are, they are not the answer to everything. As with any skin rejuvenation treatment, NovaThreads offer another safe alternative that you may want to consider as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other treatments. NovaThreads may be combined with ALMI fat injections that are excellent for filling the cheeks; Ulthera for skin tightening; or Fraxel, PicoSure or IPL which are all great for addressing sun damage. Your individual needs, preferences and aesthetic goals will ultimately determine if NovaThreads are right for you.

Some of the considerations that may also factor into your decision include how the procedure is done, how much discomfort you might experience, and how much downtime should you plan on. First, let me tell you the NovaLift is a quick, in-office procedure with minimal to zero downtime. You may experience some mild discomfort; however, your skin will be numbed at the insertion points and just under your skin where the threads will be placed.

The procedure itself starts with marking your skin to indicate where the NovaThreads will be inserted. Once inserted, the NovaThreads engage with the underlying tissue and are then gently pulled into position before being trimmed. The number of threads used will depend on your individual needs, but the immediate “wow” is universal! The results are immediately visible, and you will look good from the moment the procedure is completed. You may experience small welt-like bumps, where your threads were inserted, but these will disappear over the first week. Some patients also have minor bruising, although this is not very common.

Exciting, revolutionary, and life-changing? Yes! For many patients, NovaThreads are all that. Are they right for you? Let’s find out. Schedule your free consultation today and we can begin to answer all your questions and explore what treatments will be best for you.