Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

Let’s get real and talk about hair loss. It can affect anyone at any age. “One tries to look their best…while coming and going. Guys think the backs of their heads don’t show but having a fuller head of hair does matter a lot,” said Dr. Key. “This under-discussed problem can often be more important for women than men.” Hereditary hair loss is a medical condition that affects about 30 million American women. In our society, it is expected that men may have thinning hair, but not women. So, treatments aren’t geared towards them.

Now you can use the main ingredient of the Vampire FaceLift to regrow hair! That’s right! You can use your own body’s platelet rich plasma (PRP). Dr. Key got his hands on a recent study that found it’s possible to promote hair growth with the application of PRP. You’ve heard us talk about how it stimulates the growth of new skin cells, making new collagen. Well, PRP is injected into the area where you want the hair to grow. Then, the stem cells in the hair are stimulated and rapidly increase. Wow!

PRP is used all over medicine. And now it is what’s hot at Key Laser. Just ask Dr. Key, he’s experienced the power of PRP! “No Propecia! No Rogan! The idea of a drug-free approach to hair loss is very enticing. Using my body’s own natural healing factors seems overwhelming!”

With PRP we now have the possibility – though not the promise – to regrow hair with our own body’s natural growth factors. Hair comes back quicker, thicker, coarser, and healthier. Just check out Dr. Key’s before and after photos!


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