Staff Spotlight -Straight from the Experts

This month the Key Laser Institute talks to Lisa J., MA. Lisa has been a member of the Key Laser Institute team for three years. The Oregon native talks about her favorite treatments and what makes Key Laser stand out among other clinics.

KLI: How long have you been a Medical Aesthetician?
LJ: In 1999 I graduated from Phagan’s Cosmetology College. After that I received hands on training from the doctors I worked with and traveled around the country – to Dallas, Washington, Arizona – to be trained by doctors in the field.

KLI: What are some the changes in the field that you’ve noticed in your career?
LJ: I have noticed that more and more treatments are being done in a spa setting. This is worrisome. Cosmetic treatments carry inherent risks no matter who is performing them. Why wouldn’t you want your treatment to be medically supervised?

KLI: What do you like about working at Key Laser Institute?
LJ: The best part about Key Laser is that we have so many options to address concerns of the face, neck and body. We have the most effective treatment all under one roof, whereas other clinics are more limited. We can put together a unique treatment plan of procedures using lasers, noninvasive fat removal, ultrasound, radio frequency and skin care.

KLI: All November long, Key Laser Institute is focusing on the neck. Tell me about some of the options you’d recommend for a person who is concerned about his/her neck?
LJ: It’s really all about the long term goal. What are we trying to accomplish? For laxity, I think that Ultherapy is the best tool. It creates tightening. However, if there is a lot of fullness we’ll look at ThermiSculpt. Another option is ReFit using radio frequency. Often times the answer is combination of treatments.

KLI: Ultherapy has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Does Key Laser perform this treatment often?
LJ: Dr. Key does studies on new devices and puts the protocols in motion for the manufacturers. We were the first clinic in Oregon to offer Ultherapy. I have been with Key Laser Institute for three years and in that time I have observed 100s of Ultherapy treatments and personally did at least 50 or 60 treatments.

KLI: Tell me about skin care. Are there creams that you’d recommend for the neck area, either preventative or post treatment?
LJ: Absolutely. I always consider skin care in my consultations. I really like the Body Tightening Concentrate and Neck, Chest, Hand Repair, both from SkinCeuticals. These do a great job of resurfacing, brightening and redensifying crepey skin. The Somme line is also great because it has glycolic acid, which promotes cellular turnover. Skin care needs change; sometimes we’re oily, sometimes dry. I am constantly talking to my patients about their needs and readjusting.

KLI: What is your favorite treatment?
LJ:I like IPL (Intensed Pulse Light). It offers an instant change to the color and quality of the skin. Especially for patients who have a lot of sun damage or redness, they see immediate results. I like to see patients happy and they like to see results right away. Although for longevity I’m a big fan of Ultherapy.

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