The Real Value of Continuing Education

Dr. Key was recently asked the question, “Why do you attend conferences?” Think about it, Dr. Key has an established practice, a strong and loyal patient base, all the latest treatments under one roof and a trained staff that makes it all run like clockwork. What drives him to travel across the country to give a presentation or attend a meeting?

Here is how he responded:

“That’s a really great question! Because it’s not just the ‘keeping up’. Yes, that’s part of it, but continuing education can be learned online.  The exciting part of being at a meeting of great colleagues is the unexpected conversations. We discover what’s being done in clinics across the country, but not written about yet. That’s really the WOW!

The wow moment really happened during my session and almost by accident! At this session I had the great privilege to be the moderator and the presenter during the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeryannual meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The topic was Lasers, Fillers, & Toxins.

The last speaker, a cosmetic surgeon from Croatia, showed slides of patients with results that appeared to have been facelifts. Instead he said he used just a laser under the skin to tighten. The words didn’t have a huge effect on the room because the doctor’s English was good, but not great.  So as he finished, I knew I had to open this up for discussion. As the moderator I said, ‘that’s fantastic! Let’s stop the clock and open this up.’

This led to such a wonderful discussion. I had just presented a breakthrough new way to tighten the neck and jowls, not with a laser but with radiofrequency energy. In fact, I’m publishing a study on this new treatment, ThermiTight, next month. Then two other surgeons came forward, one from Columbia and another American, both who had worked with lasers on the face to give facelift-like results, but without the surgery.

It was such an amazing discussion, since none of us knew of anyone besides ourselves who was thinking in this direction. We knew through our research and first-hand experience that surgical facelifts can lift, but don’t tighten. Only energy lifts AND tightens!

So here we had to opportunity to bring together doctors from Croatia, Columbia, and the U.S. to talk about the onset of the facelift of the future. It’s the use of energy probes beneath the skin to lift and tighten without surgery!  Now that’s what I call a WOW!

So as I think about the inconveniences of traveling across the country for day long meetings, I know that it’s worth it, because of moments like these. These are the WOW moments.”

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