ThermiSmooth body

ThermiSmooth body

This may be the most promising new treatment for tightening on the market. Dr. Key has been in clinical trials for the past two years to study the efficacy of ThermiSmooth BODY’s radiofrequency technology for tightening and slimming. This study led to FDA clearance in November 2015.

How it works:

The ThermiSmooth BODY device applies radiofrequency heat across the skin. A temperature sensor allows the provider to safely monitor the energy delivery and regulate the skin temperature. Maintaining the desired temperature simultaneously tightens tissue, reduces unwanted fat and builds new collagen.

See Dr. Key’s published article: A Preliminary Study of a Transdermal Radiofrequency Device for Body Slimming.

What to expect: 

ThermiSmooth BODY is easy! Baseline photos are taken first, including a MyBodee scan. This allows us to track your progress. Next the staff will prep the treatment area and apply a thin layer of ultrasound gel. The treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes. During that time you will feel the area getting warm. Since there isn’t any downtime with ThermiSmooth BODY, you can even schedule a treatment on your lunch break.

Why choose Key Laser for ThermiSmooth BODY?

Dr. Key has been involved with ThermiSmooth BODY since the beginning. He and his staff are highly-skilled and up-to-date on the latest technologies and non-invasive cosmetic options. We are committed to providing you the treatment options that offer your best results. Your safety, comfort and trust are our top concerns.