A Breakthrough for Skin Tightening


ThermiTight offers an important breakthrough in the treatment of loose skin on the lower face, under chin, neck and those stubborn body areas – tummy, bra fat, arms and thighs. The procedure was developed by Dr. Key  and uses the precision of radiofrequency heat energy placed beneath the skin paired with Thermal Image Monitoring to enhance safety and effectiveness. The treatment can be performed for skin tightening alone or combined with actual fat aspiration for tightening and fat removal. That’s why we say ThermiTight is Beyond the Lift.

What you can expect with the treatment:

  • The procedure takes 1-3 hours depending on the area treated.
  • During treatment a local anesthesia is administered for your comfort.
  • You may experience mild swelling and tenderness for the first several days post treatment. There is no bandage, but a compression garment is used for the first several days after treatment.
  • You can resume normal activity following treatment. Many of patients drive themselves home after treatments for the underchin and neck.
  • Our patients see results immediately after treatment followed by new collagen growth and tightening slowly emerging over 3-6 months.

Why choose Key Laser for ThermiTight?

Dr. Key led the development of the procedure and the clinical studies. He published the first peer reviewed study in The Journal of Drugs and Dermatology. He has personally performed hundreds of ThermiTight procedures.

Our ThermiTight results are so successful that when we asked patients if they would recommend the procedure to their best friend, 93% said YES.