SculpSure® in Portland, OR:

A Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatment

Bringing the science of light to the art of body contouring, SculpSure® is the world’s first light-based non-surgical body sculpting device. It helps treat those areas of bothersome fat that diet and exercise just can’t seem to touch. SculpSure allows you to achieve the shape you want with a 25-minute procedure that requires no downtime and no surgery.

If you’ve put in the effort toward fat loss, but haven’t seen the results, ask us if this body sculpting treatment is right for you. Key Laser is proud to bring this innovative fat reducing treatment to patients in Portland, OR. SculpSure, the solution to your stubborn fat.

Areas of Concern

SculpSure Basics- What You Need to Know About Laser Fat Reduction

How does laser energy eliminate fat? Fat cells are most comfortable at body temperature. When they are exposed to extreme variations of cold or hot temperatures, fat cells are destroyed, and eventually eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system. SculpSure’s powerful laser quickly heats fat cells using energy from a 1060-nm laser while cooling pads keep the skin cool and you comfortable. The controlled heat delivery destroys up to 24% of fat cells in the area.


  • Target multiple areas of the body with a single treatment
  • Customizable contouring frames allow for precise targeting of your trouble spots
  • Specialized laser specifically targets fat
  • 25-minute treatment can be performed on a lunch break or after work
  • No downtime needed

We ask patients to achieve their ideal weight, or close to it, before their treatment. SculpSure is a body contouring treatment, designed to shape and sculpt, not drop pounds.

What to Expect from SculpSure in Portland, OR

SculpSure is a non-surgical and non-invasive laser treatment that eliminates fat. We perform the procedure in a treatment room at our office location. Before any treatment, you’ll talk extensively with a member of our team to learn more about your desired treatment and to ensure it is a good fit for you.

Precision is essential for creating smooth and natural-looking curves with SculpSure. To make sure that we get the device placed just right, we’ll mark the treatment area. An applicator frame is placed onto the skin to hold the SculpSure applicators in place. This frame comes in a variety of configurations for precision targeting of unwanted fat cells. The laser applicators are fastened into the plastic frames.

When you’re ready, we’ll turn on the SculpSure device and the 25-minute treatment will begin. When the treatment starts, initially you will feel a cooling sensation. This helps keep the skin comfortable during treatment. The cooling will be on the entire treatment, while the laser cycles on and off, raising the temperature of the fat cells.

The first four minutes of SculpSure are heat-focused, as the laser raises the temperature of your fat cells to the therapeutic temperatures required for fat reduction. Once the ideal temperature is reached, the laser device will cycle on and off, keeping the fat cells in the target temperature range while ensuring the area does not overheat.

Most patients feel a deep warmth and/ or tingling sensation, alternating with the sensation of cold, intermittently throughout the treatment. These warming and cooling sensations are a sign that the laser is working, targeting and destroying your unwanted fat cells. We like to call this phase of treatment the “Fat Destruction Zone”.

If you need help during your treatment, simply press the button on the transmitter we give you and someone will assist you. Our patients generally tolerate this treatment very well, resting, reading, and enjoying some downtime while the laser works its magic.

When the 25-minute cycle is complete, we’ll remove the applicator and pads, and you’ll be free to resume your regular daily activities. You won’t see it, but your body will be hard at work, quietly eliminating fat cells as you go to work, exercise, spend time with friends, and even sleep. Results come on gradually, but when you compare your before and after photos, you’ll see that the difference is very dramatic.

Recovery After SculpSure

SculpSure requires no downtime and a minimal recovery period. Return to work, hit the gym, or take a nap after your treatment. Any post-treatment side effects should fade quickly, usually within 1-2 weeks of treatment.

  • The treated areas will likely feel tender. We liken the sensation to what you may experience after a workout.
  • Some patients report temporary firmness in the treated areas.
  • Most of our patients report little to no pain during treatment or recovery after SculpSure.

If you have questions or concerns during recovery, let us know.

SculpSure in Portland, OR- Expected Results

Results take time to appear after a SculpSure treatment. A week or two post-treatment you may begin to notice that your clothing fits better. Patients notice a dramatic change by 6 weeks and full results approximately 12 weeks after SculpSure.

Our average patient only needs one treatment. Some patients may benefit from a second SculpSure treatment, or from treating additional areas.

SculpSure FAQs

SculpSure is not a weight-loss treatment. Some of our patients report dropping a few pounds, but the bulk of your results will come from the fat loss you experience, not weight loss. Treated areas will be thinner and slimmer with improved contours.

SculpSure is designed for patient comfort. The cooling pads on the device keep the skin cool throughout your treatment. After treatment, you may have a bit of tenderness, but most patients do report pain or extreme discomfort.

With SculpSure’s four separate applicator heads, multiple areas can be treated at once. The applicator positioning is customizable to meet your specific needs and body contouring goals.

SculpSure is a versatile body contouring treatment, used on many areas of the body on both men and women. Some of the most popular treatment areas for SculpSure at Key Laser include the abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs, arms, and back.

Most patients see a substantial benefit after a single SculpSure treatment.

It takes time for the body to process and eliminate fat through natural waste elimination channels. Initial results are visible in approximately 6 weeks with full results 12 weeks after treatment.

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