Triple Threat – Find Out How NovaThreads, Silhouette, and ALMI Can Give You That “Wow” Factor

How do you attain maximum rejuvenation while avoiding looking “overdone”? We get it—making a subtle difference is a must. But there’s something to be said about a big transformation that still looks natural—that’s what we call a “wow”! If you really want to turn back the hands of time, consider the ultimate triple threat treatment: NovaThreads, Silhouette Instalift, and ALMI.

All About ALMI

First off, let’s talk about ALMI (as in, “All me, All Natural.)” ALMI is an ultrafiltrate of your own “extra” fat cells that we borrow from your waist, hips, tummy, or thighs—you get to choose. This ultrafiltrate is rich in regenerative cells, which are amazing for making the areas around your cheeks, temples, and mouth folds look smoother and younger.

If You Could Turn Back Time

You look amazing now, but you’d definitely prefer to look like you did in your 20s. Just look at any photo of you from your 20s; you had firmer, fuller cheeks, with great definition. Since then, you’ve progressively lost more and more facial fat. Fillers can hide that volume loss, but ALMI’s regenerative cells can actually fix it!

Triple Threat Threads

Why add threads to your ALMI treatment? ALMI’s cell-rich fat transfer restores shape and some lift, but NovaThreads and the Silhouette Instalift supersizes that lift and improves your facial contours. Of these absorbable sutures, NovaThreads are injected into the face. Silhouette Instalift sutures are a bit larger and need to be inserted.

The Magic Combination

You can pair your ALMI with either of our threads for powerful rejuvenation. Schedule a consultation with us—and don’t forget to bring your favorite photo so we have an accurate frame of reference.

Maximum rejuvenation is yours with the combination of ALMI and absorbable threads. Contact Key Laser now, for your very own “wow” transformation.