What Are My Options for Skin Tightening?

Skin Tightening

Do you have a turkey neck? Bingo wings? A mommy muffin? Showing up anywhere on the body, loose skin is a common sign of aging. After pregnancy or weight loss, it is practically inevitable. The solution isn’t spending hours at the gym (this tightens muscles, not skin) but, instead, coming into Key Laser for a skin tightening treatment.

ThermiSmooth and ThermiSmooth Body – Tighten Up from Head to Toe

Think you’re too busy to tighten your skin? Not with ThermiSmooth. This breakthrough treatment allows you to tighten up your skin sans surgery or downtime. It is the future of skin tightening! Best of all, our own Dr. Key led the development and clinical studies of the ThermiRF technology; he knows the ins and outs of this treatment and how to achieve the best possible results for you.

Ultherapy – Build and Tighten from Within

Collagen is essential for youthful, healthy skin. Ultherapy sends micro-pulses of ultrasound energy deep into the skin, stimulating collagen production with each pulse. By restoring the building blocks of healthy skin, you can rediscover tighter, smoother, younger looking skin—it’s you, Version 2.0. This isn’t your grandmother’s skin tightening treatment, although she just might love it if she tried it!

INFINI – Infinitely Better Skin

Have you ever worn a pair of socks one too many times? As the elastic in the sock breaks down, they can start to sag and droop. The same thing happens in your skin. The collagen and elastin fibers deep within your skin become lax. INFINI replaces old, lax collagen and elastin with fresh, young, and better organized fibers. Loose socks? Make puppets. Loose skin? Try INFINI.

Turn that SAG into FAB! Our skin tightening treatments can transform your skin without surgery, incisions, or downtime. We might not have a crystal ball, but we can see beautiful skin in your future.

Call and schedule your skin tightening treatments at Key Laser today!