What Are PRP Treatments Good For?

When fine lines and wrinkles are a cosmetic concern, platelet-rich plasma treatments support your body’s healing process to enrich skin health and beauty. The medically proven process is a form of regenerative medicine that stimulates your body to produce healthy new cells.

At the Key Laser Institute in Portland, Oregon, we proudly provide our patients with the best skin care options available in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Brian Key and his dedicated staff employ modern technology to rejuvenate facial skin, with safe and effective treatments delivering quick results.

To turn back the clock and restore young, unblemished skin, Dr. Key may recommend PRP treatments to help smooth over fine lines and wrinkles. Here are some of its outstanding benefits.

Advantages of PRP

Patients rave about their new look after PRP injections. When your body experiences an injury, platelets play an essential role in blood clotting and wound healing. By isolating platelet-rich plasma from your blood, this process promotes cell growth at the target site.

So how does your skin’s structure change after PRP treatment? First, it adds vital elements. Water, elastin, and collagen are the most critical, but others promote a beautiful skin presence, too.

Just Add Water

Most people know the human body is mostly water — about 70%.  But did you know your cells’ ability to exchange moisture declines as you age? The cell membrane, which lets material flow in and out of the cell, loses some ability to transfer moisture and volume. This depletion makes it harder for cells to flush out waste and causes a drying effect, as the skin consumes water but doesn’t replace it.

Platelet-rich plasma patients may experience significantly improved skin hydration after only one treatment.

Elastin to Bounce Back

Skin is unique among bodily tissue because it can stretch and snap back into its shape. This process is possible because of the protein elastin, which adds resilience. But like elastic fibers in clothing, elastin quality declines over time. As a result, your skin will lose its pliability and start to sag and wrinkle.

Studies indicate that patients have thicker skin with better elasticity after one platelet-rich plasma session.

Collagen for Firmness

Collagen is a protein helpful for building back skin tissues. Though there are many collagen-boosting products on the market, the best way to replenish this protein is to have your body make it for you. After PRP, your skin will feel firmer to the touch and experience an overall lift.

By employing platelet-rich plasma in your anti-aging regimen, you can stimulate natural collagen regrowth from within your skin cells. PRP treatments have been proven to increase collagen levels significantly.

Removing Older Cells

Besides delivering structurally enhancing proteins to skin cells, PRP treatment promotes cell turnover.

It tells the body to speed the healing process and replace dead cells with healthy ones. The result is a longer-lasting enhanced skin presence.

Rescue Your Skin With PRP

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