Why Ultherapy PLUS became a top anti-aging treatment

Ultherapy + ThermiSmooth = greater results in more areas.

Ultherapy, micro-focused ultrasound, has been FDA cleared for lifting and tightening without surgery for more than five years. For most of those five years, we’ve treated several patients a day with the popular treatment. We were seeing an average response of close to 80% “thumbs up”, but we wanted even better results.

Ultherapy does a good job treating the eyebrow, neck and under-chin areas, but it can’t reach all the trouble spots that show age. Our experience with ThermiSmooth demonstrated it could reach those tougher areas. Guided by thermal imaging, ThermiSmooth offers precision using a small wand that delivers radio frequency energy to tighten tissue. The shallower energy of ThermiSmooth is ideal for tightening the upper lid under the brow, and those fine lines in around the mouth, as well as the under chin neck.


So, we brought together ThermiSmooth and Ultherapy in one treatment as Ultherapy PLUS  to cover more area for greater results.

Another step on the path, was realizing one session may not always be enough. We see problems in three categories – mild, or beginning changes, moderate (middle stage of changes) and severe.  Recognizing one size does not fit all, we design treatment plans that fit our patients’ specific needs. For patients seeing the beginning signs of aging, one session with Ultherapy PLUS will provide great results.  For patients who show moderate or marked signs of age, we often recommend a plan with two or three Ultherapy PLUS sessions 3-4 weeks apart. This strategy builds a ladder of energy treatments for greater response, better results and younger looking skin.

See how Ultherapy works to tighten aged skin:


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