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Lose Fat and Slim Your Thighs With Vanquish

With so much time spent on slimming and shaping your figure, wouldn’t you love to make body contouring less challenging? At Key Laser Institute in the Pacific Northwest, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Douglas Key helps women and men shape their thighs and abdomen with the innovative non-surgical treatments Vanquish and Vanquish Flex. Vanquish is a non-invasive… Read More

Key Laser Adds the Latest in Cosmetic Medicine

 Technological advances, scientific studies and recent FDA approvals have led to the newest treatments in our suite of services. A recent Today Show episode – “Plastic surgery without the knife is the latest trend” – covered a few of the recent breakthroughs:     Our latest non-invasive body transformation and anti-aging treatment options are highlighted below. Over the next couple of months we’ll… Read More