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PicoSure Tattoo in Portland

PicoSure Tattoo is the world’s first picosecond laser for the effective removal of tattoos. PicoSure Tattoo is successful in removing difficult ink colors as well as previously treated tattoos, with fewer treatment sessions and less downtime.

Areas of Concern

How it works

Laser energy, measured in picoseconds (one trillionth of a second in length), is delivered to the tattoo, targeting the ink and breaking it down into smaller particles. These particles are eliminated through the body’s natural processes.

What to expect:

Many patients compare treatment to getting a tattoo. Numbing cream will be applied to the area to make the treatment more comfortable. Appointments are scheduled for about an hour. This includes photos, time to numb and treatment. After treatment the area may be a little red and swollen. This usually resolves in 24 to 48 hours. Treatments are usually scheduled 8 weeks apart. The number of sessions needed is dependant on many variables such as the size of tattoo, the type of ink used and location on the body.

Why choose Key Laser for PicoSure Tattoo removal?

 Dr. Key and the Key Laser team are highly-skilled and up-to-date on the latest technologies and non-invasive cosmetic options. We are committed to providing you the treatment options that offer your best results. Your safety, comfort and trust are our top concerns.

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