Taking Care of Your Skin After PicoSure FOCUS

PicoSure FOCUS is a gentle skin rejuvenation treatment that lessens the effects of aging and helps resolve acne flare-ups and scarring. It promotes a youthful skin presence without the typical discomfort and downtime from many harsh skin care treatments or cosmetic surgeries.

Studies indicate it is an excellent treatment for melasma, lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, and pigmentation issues.

Recovery from any cosmetic procedure is a critical phase of the process. PicoSure FOCUS is no different. Properly looking after your skin in the weeks and months post-treatment is crucial to protect your skin from irritation or damage.

Here are steps you can follow after PicoSure FOCUS to ensure the best possible outcome.

Avoid Rubbing or Scratching Your Skin

After each session, you might experience some redness, skin tenderness, or sensitivity. Avoid excessively touching, scratching, or rubbing your skin, which can lead to further irritation. Allowing yourself to heal naturally is always best and encourages more effective skin rejuvenation.

Don’t Wear Any Makeup

As your skin is most vulnerable after laser treatment, applying any makeup, like a foundation or powder, may only work to aggravate your skin. In addition, some products may contain additives, fragrances, or oils that can block your pores and congest your skin, preventing the best results. Wait a few days before applying makeup to allow your skin to heal.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Regular moisturizing and skin hydration will help promote healing after your PicoSure treatment. Dr. Key advises using a topical balm or cream, followed by an unscented moisturizer or aloe vera gel. Opt for natural moisturizer options with added SPF, avoid heavily scented products, and don’t forget to drink plenty of water for skin hydration.

Gently Cleanse Your Skin Regularly

Your first face wash after treatment should be with lukewarm water to promote optimal healing. We will suggest the best facial wash products you can use during recovery. However, a gentle oil-free gel or cream will be your best option. Avoid exfoliation, scrubbing, a cleansing brush, or roughly washing your face. 

What to Expect

A PicoSure FOCUS treatment usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes. Dr. Key will apply a topical numbing cream to your face for a more comfortable experience. You may notice a slight blush or redness after the procedure. There is no social downtime, and we typically recommend a three-session package with appointments scheduled two to four weeks apart.

PicoSure FOCUS in Portland, OR

Dr. Key and his staff prioritize delivering optimal solutions with ideal outcomes. We recommend PicoSure FOCUS for facial rejuvenation and to restore skin beauty.   The Key Laser Institute works diligently to help you address your cosmetic concerns. Contact us to schedule your private consultation.

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