Why Winter is the Best Season for Laser Treatments

Does dreary winter weather have you looking for a pick me up? You’re not allowed. Cold, rainy weather can make even the most optimistic person long for warm, sunny skies and days spent on the beach. While we may still be several months away from warm weather, there’s plenty of time to enjoy one of the top cosmetic treatments- laser therapy. Best of all, now is the perfect time of year to enjoy both minimally invasive and more intense procedures. Here are just a few reasons why winter is the best time to spring for cosmetic laser treatments.


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No Tan? No Problem

Missing your golden glow? When it comes to laser treatments, being a little on the pale side can actually be beneficial.


As the name suggests, laser skin treatments rely on high-energy light in order to selectively target specific types of cells or tissue. When there isn’t sufficient color difference between the target area and the surrounding tissue, some treatments may not yield the best possible results. An excellent example of this is laser hair removal. While new technologies have improved the outcomes for patients with dark skin and hair, the best results occur when there is adequate contrast between a person’s skin tone and hair color.


Skipping the beach or tanning bed during the winter also leaves your skin free from sun exposure. While most people are familiar with the long-term damage that can be caused by extensive sun exposure, harmful UV rays can have a more immediate impact on skin – sunburns. The ensuing sensitivity can be made worse by exposing skin to laser treatments, which can complicate the procedure.

Prepare Your Skin for Summer

Cold, dry winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. After months of humidity, the sudden drop in moisture in the air, as well as drying indoor conditions, can leave the skin extremely dehydrated. Even with a robust at-home skincare regimen, the resulting dead and damaged skin cells can remain on your skin’s surface, which clogs your pores and leaves your skin with a duller appearance.


At Key Laser, we’ve found that laser treatments can lead to great-looking skin year-round. During the winter, in particular, investing in one or more laser skin treatments can help remove the dead skin cells to reveal healthy, beautiful skin just below the surface. As many of these solutions trigger the body’s natural healing response, patients notice a marked improvement in their overall skin quality as they integrate professional laser treatments into their ongoing skin care regimen. By starting these sessions during the winter, our patients can enjoy healthy, radiant skin as the weather warms into spring and summer.

Give Yourself Time to Heal and Enhance

While laser treatments are often considered minimally or non-invasive, some procedures can require more recovery time than others. For example, while intense pulsed light patients can typically return to work within a couple of days, patients receiving CO2 laser therapy can expect at least a 12-day recovery timeframe that requires staying inside and at home. Furthermore, some treatments can require multiple sessions to reach maximum results. During the busy summer months, blocking off entire weeks in between planned travel and spontaneous outings can be especially tricky. With that in mind, mid-winter to early spring tends to be the perfect time for schedule one or more laser treatments.

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