10 Great Tips on How to Make Your Botox Injections Last Longer

After several months of uncertainty, we have gotten used to wearing a mask and keeping our distance. Everybody is ready to get back to the way things were. Although that may not be possible any longer, one thing never changes—the desire to have beautiful skin.

That’s why Botox is still the most popular cosmetic treatment globally, and its demand has not waned in Portland. But although its results are renewable with follow-up appointments, how do you make its benefits last longer? Here are ten tips we think you’ll find helpful after your Botox treatment session.

1. Avoid Using Abrasive Products

Over the years, we’ve heard stories from patients about bad choices for skincare products after Botox. Abrasive washing methods and products are the worst of them all. Abrasive masks, toners, scrubs, and facial cleaners should be avoided at least a week after Botox.

These extreme exfoliating products will not make your Botox results last longer. They can, in fact, disrupt its benefits. Harsh products and methods can force Botox to other areas and deliver unintended consequences.

2. Schedule Regular Botox Injection

To maintain radiant and smooth skin, you will need regular Botox injections. The results are temporary, like dermal fillers, and your body will break down the product in due course. By keeping your regular appointments, studies indicate you can train your facial muscles to minimize wrinkle-causing movements. It’s been our experience this process works to extend your results.

3. Don’t Overdo It

While scheduling regular sessions is critical, having too many injections too close together can make your facial muscles resistant to its effects. A board-certified dermatologist has the expertise to schedule your appointments at the perfect intervals.

4. Avoid the Sun

UV rays increase blood circulation, and in turn, cause Botox to disperse at a quicker rate. When in the sun between sessions, make sure you are wearing an SPF 30+ sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat.

5. Manage a Skincare Routine

Botox injections last longer for women and men who take care of their skin. If you don’t have a medical-grade skin care regimen, start one. Your dermatologist can help you here.

6. Eat Right

A proper diet is critical to good skincare. Feeding your skin with nutrients from the inside will help with your Botox benefits as well. Avoid packaged and processed foods, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

7. Consume Zinc

If you’ve been following how to ward off COVID, you know zinc plays an important role. Make sure you take the recommended daily allowance to enhance your Botox results as well.

8. Chill

A word you should keep in mind for extending Botox benefits is cortisol. When elevated in your system, it’s a hormone that breaks down elastin, collagen, and Botox. So, rest easy and…chill.

9. Combine with Other Skincare Treatments

Although Botox is an excellent treatment in and of itself, it works best within a complete anti-aging plan.  Treatments to consider include laser treatments, dermal fillers, and medical-grade skincare products.

10.  Don’t Overdo Working Out

Exercise is essential for overall health. If you overdo it, it may affect your Botox results over time. We ask you to avoid strenuous activity for 24-hours after Botox injections and don’t push too hard afterward.

Botox in Portland, Oregon

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