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Female Intimate Wellness: A Simple 4-Step Approach

Discussing your vaginal and urinary health can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.  However, it is a very important subject.  The female genitourinary area can change dramatically after pregnancy/childbirth and again during the years leading up to menopause.   Symptoms of dysfunction in this area can include urinary incontinence, sagging external/internal tissues, frequent vaginal infections or urinary tract… Read More

Top Things You Should Be Doing for Your Skin in Your 20s

Are you still using the same skincare products you were using as a teen?  Chances are, whatever you have been using is not doing enough to protect your skin from the elements or keep it as healthy as possible as you begin to age. That’s OK. Your 20s are the time to start really taking… Read More

Frequently Asked Questions: Cellfina®

1. What areas of the body can Cellfina treat? Cellfina is FDA cleared to treat cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. 2. How many treatments of Cellfina do I need for visible results? One single treatment is all one needs to see visible results. 3. How long are Cellfina treatments? One treatment with Cellfina can… Read More