CoolSculpting®: Slim Without Surgery

So let’s talk about the new CoolSculpting® treatment exclusive to Key Laser Institute. To understand what it is, we need some background: At Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine, we use lasers every day to remove fat. Yes. That’s great – and to say the least, great skill is involved – but laser liposuction is still liposuction. You may have heard names like SmoothLipo™, LipoLift™ and SmartLipo™. But let’s face it: they’re all still liposuction options. Key Laser Institute offers an effective “LayeredLipo” option where we use multiple fat blasting platforms such as Vaser® & CoolLipo. You may have heard “Big Suke,” former NFL player and All American talk about his LayeredLipo experience at Key Laser Institute on his ESPN talk radio show. The results are amazing. Notwithstanding, all of a sudden a new kid on the block comes along that is completely non-surgical called CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ™, claiming to “get rid of fat permanently without any surgery at all.” Believe me, it definitely got my attention.

The secret with Lipo procedures is that they take a lot of laser heat energy to break apart fat cells. After they are heated, you still need to suction those cells out of the body to get rid of them. But there is another way. Fat cells are really quite susceptible to dying off with cold too. CoolSculpting uses intense cold to destroy fat cells. Yes, you can just freeze those unwanted fat cells (the right way) and your body just naturally gets rid of them. With CoolSculpting you can lose up to 30% of the treated fat with one session.

So how does it work? While you comfortably recline, check your email or read a book, a cooling chamber is applied to the unwanted area of fat (muffin top / back fat / flabby abs / love handles). Gentle suction is turned on and the bulge of skin and fat is drawn into the cooling chamber. Gentle cooling continues for about 50 minutes. Heat is drawn out of the unwanted fat, and microscopic ice crystals form within the fat cells (no, you can’t see them, they’re invisible). The cooling is then released, and the ice crystals that were within those cells disappear. The targeted fat cells that are part of that unwanted bulge are damaged just enough that the body decides to just get rid of them. Not just for a summer, but for all summers to come, just like liposuction, but with no liposuction. It’s totally non-invasive and there’s no downtime at all.

CoolSculpting uses your body’s natural waste-removal processes to get rid of unwanted or damaged cells; this natural process is actually happening every day of our lives. Our bodies are getting rid of this-or-that cells – ones that are older or damaged – it’s natural. No, that fat doesn’t go into the blood stream, but is metabolized, slowly, gradually, naturally over several months for that unwanted bulge to slim down.

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