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Dr. Key Shows How to Lose Fat Without Surgery on KATU

Every day we meet with patients who ask “how do I get rid of the fat”? They point to their stomach or grab their sides and lament about love handles, muffin tops or bra fat. They’ve tried countless diets, they lead active lives and still this stubborn fat remains. Dr. Key Demonstrates Nonsurgical Fat Busting… Read More

CoolSculpting®: More Cool Questions & Answers

Here are some more commonly asked questions about the new, FDA-cleared, noninvasive fat removal procedure CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ™: Question: I don’t just want 20-30% of my fat gone: can CoolSculpting make ALL my fat go away? Answer: Well let’s get real for a moment and ask a really hard question: how much fat do we remove with… Read More

CoolSculpting®: Cool Questions & Answers

Let’s go over a question list about CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ™ the new FDA-cleared, noninvasive way to remove unwanted fat and “Slim without Surgery.” Questions: How much will I feel during treatment? Answer: The applications of the cooling chambers to the skin and fat are really quite comfortable. You will feel something to begin with, mostly the suction of… Read More

CoolSculpting®: Slim Without Surgery

So let’s talk about the new CoolSculpting® treatment exclusive to Key Laser Institute. To understand what it is, we need some background: At Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine, we use lasers every day to remove fat. Yes. That’s great – and to say the least, great skill is involved – but laser liposuction is still… Read More

Curves Ahead! Intro to CoolSculpting®

What’s Up At Key Laser Institute? Right now it’s all about summer slimming down and tightening up. Yes! There’s plenty of time left in this summer to slim down that tummy, muffin tops, and love handles—and even back fat. But we’re not just talking about enjoying a slimmer silhouette for the summer, but enjoying results… Read More