Meet Dr. Janice Buenafe- The Newest Addition to the Key Laser Team

We’d like to welcome Dr. Janice Buenafe to Key Laser! If you haven’t had the chance to come in and meet our newest addition for yourself, please do. We are so excited to add this talented doctor to our team and hope that Dr. Buenafe can help you to look and feel your best.

Balancing Holistic Practices with Modern Medicine

Dr. Buenafe is Board Certified in Family Medicine. Throughout her years of medical practice she’s learned that health is a whole body experience and she views the body with a holistic point-of-view. When you meet with Dr. Buenafe, you’ll quickly discover that she takes a unique approach to modern medicine, seeking to discover the root causes of your problems and using bio-identical hormones to bring the body into balance. She has seen many patients report vast improvements in their energy levels, state of well-being, skin, weight management, libido, and more using hormone health treatments. We are excited to offer her wealth of knowledge about bio-identical hormones to our patients as she continues to practice family medicine.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr. Buenafe

We love Dr. Buenafe and are thrilled for her to join the Key Laser family. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet her yet, here are five fun facts about this talented doctor.

  • Loves the Portland Food Scene– “My hobbies include: food, food, and more food! Portland is a great place for this!” Dr. Buenafe originally moved to the Pacific Northwest from the Las Vegas area and is enjoying Portland’s vibrant and unique eateries. Do you know any must-try restaurants she should add to her list?
  • Sees the World from a Multicultural Perspective– Each culture offers unique perspectives and opportunities for learning. Dr. Buenafe sees the world with multicultural perspective and strives to bring the best of each culture into her life. She enjoys learning about other cultures, spirituality, and meditation.
  • Focuses on Family– When she isn’t working, Dr. Buenafe is usually found spending quality time with her children. Her children bring her a great amount of joy and she loves discovering new things with them.
  • Has a Passion for Patients– “I enjoy seeing patients feel good about themselves, knowing the hormonal health is having a positive effect in their lives.” Dr. Buenafe wants each of her patients to feel better and passionately works to find solutions for optimal health and wellness. She strives to develop quality communication with each patient.
  • Comes with Top-Notch Training– Dr. Buenafe completed her medical training in primary care medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and is constantly seeking to expand her medical knowledge and skill.

Have you met Dr. Buenafe? Call us today to schedule an appointment with her and find out if bio-identical hormone health is right for you.

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