My Experience with Threads—What’s New with NovaThreads and Silhouette Instalift

While they do seem quite revolutionary, thread lifts are not as new as you might think. In fact, the idea behind using “threads” for face lifting has been around for a while. What is new, however, is the ability to target hard-to-treat signs of aging on the lower face without needing a single incision or stitch.

The Science of Threads

Today’s new-and-improved threads are absorbable suspensions that, once they’re implanted under the skin, lift up sagging skin on the face with remarkable precision. Think of it like a clothesline; once it’s tightened, it lifts everything else it’s attached to. Unlike in the 80s and 90s, the innovative threads of today aren’t cut and sutured into the skin. Instead, they’re delivered in a simple procedure that’s incredibly gentle on the skin.

Today’s threads also have small serrations that allow it to slide forward with ease when it’s inserted; when the threads are pulled backwards, the serrations engage the collagen septae inside the shallow fat layers under the skin. Once latched on, the threads immediately resuspend the skin and create lift. Unbelievable!

I am pleased to offer two types of threads: NovaThreads and the Silhouette Instalift. Both are minimal downtime procedures.


There are two kinds of NovaThreads. One of them is serrated to help lift tissue, and it’s delivered by micro cannula (basically, the same needle they use for dermal fillers.) The other one is completely smooth and it’s injected via a needle. It’s not for lifting; rather, once it’s inserted in areas like the lips or brows, it actually triggers your body’s healing and collagen production mechanisms. That means that once NovaThreads are inside the skin, they stimulates collagen production, allowing you to firm and rejuvenate your skin cells at the same time!

The Silhouette Instalift

The Silhouette Instalift is a lot like NovaThreads—with a few key differences, of course. Like NovaThreads, it’s absorbable, but the Silhouette threads are inserted with a needle attachment—almost like it’s being “darned.” The Silhouette Instalift is delivered using an 18 gauge needle.

How Do I Choose?

There’s a real “art” in performing these thread lifts; it’s about choosing the perfect one, deciding in which direction to insert them to gain the most natural lift, and most importantly, placing them in the very best spot. Careful and accurate placement is key, because once they’re inserted, they’re hard to remove. The good news? Like all new threads, suspension sutures aren’t permanent—they’re reabsorbed after around 2 years in a natural, gradual process.

Who knew something as simple as a needle and thread can do so much for rejuvenation?! To learn more about our thread lift procedures or request a consultation call us at (800) 459-6677 or send us a message.

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