NovaLift for My Face and Neck, and NovaLift for My Body – Adding A “Wow” to Non-Invasive Aesthetics

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror, lifted your cheek or neck with your fingers and thought, “Yes! That’s perfect! That’s just what I need.” Or lifted your breasts, thighs, even bottoms, and asked, “Wouldn’t just a little lift here or there go a long way?” Well get ready because surgery and “going under the knife” is no longer your only  choice! The latest breakthrough that has patients truly excited is NovaLift for My Face and Neck, and NovaLift for My Body, a revolutionary minimally invasive procedure that delivers a true lift and an immediate “wow”!

NovaLift is a highly effective in-office treatment for lifting sagging skin and tissues without surgery. This simple “afternoon” procedure achieves lift with dissolvable sutures, called NovaThreads, that are gently inserted beneath the skin’s surface to give support and tighten. The body’s own natural collagen winds around the threads, strengthening and supporting the contracted loose skin while delicately lifting the skin over the underlying tissue. The immediate result is a natural more youthful appearance that continues to improve as the threads dissolve over time, leaving the collagen band to maintain the results for up to two years.

NovaLift for My Face and Neck and NovaLift for My Body finally deliver what patients have long been asking for – a non-surgical rejuvenation treatment that quickly lifts and tightens the skin to restore youth and balance with a natural looking result. NovaLift for My Body specifically treats those areas beyond the face and neck that have been difficult to address without surgery – lifting of the breasts, tightening the backs of arms, lifting and tightening the fronts of lower thighs and knees, lifting the buttocks, and tightening the abdomen.

With the injectable ease of NovaThreads, patients can literally have a true lift of their face and neck, or other parts of the body during an office visit! The procedure is that quick, delivering instant skin tightening and lifting with minimal discomfort and no down time. Unlike surgery, there is also no scarring and very minimal visible evidence of the procedure, other than great results!

Patients enjoy the immediate and visible lifting effect of their skin, but also love the fact that their appearance improves even more during the weeks and months following the procedure. As the threads dissolve, they continue to stimulate collagen building and over time the skin becomes firmer and tighter, without the need for repetitive treatments. If you decide over time you want more lift, then you can simply add more NovaLift to the desired areas.

No scarring, minimal discomfort and zero downtime, plus fantastic results? Yes, we have to agree that all adds up to a serious “Wow”!  If you would like to explore the possibilities of Nova Lift for My Face and Neck, and NovaLift for My Body for yourself, schedule your free, no obligation consultation today.

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