No more dressing up as Santa! CoolSculpting® for Men

Do you have the dubious honor of being asked to play Santa Clause every Christmas? Outwardly it may sound like a jolly fun time, but it’s really a tradition that makes men cringe. No one wants to fit in that great big red suit! So how about ditching the title for good this season? With CoolSculpting®, you can!

CoolSculpting® is a simple procedure that essentially freezes your fat cells, so your body can naturally eliminate them. The treatment involves placing cooling panels on targeted areas to freeze and “sculpt” away the fat. The entire process is comfortable and cool, just as you would expect, with results gradually becoming noticeable in the weeks following treatment as the fat cells are eliminated. And the best part—CoolSculpting® results are permanent!

It may sound too good to be true, but this advanced fat freezing technology and FDA-cleared treatment is clinically proven to effectively remove excess fat in areas like your stomach, sides (goodbye love handles!), chest and more. With CoolSculpting® these stubborn areas of fat that diet and exercise just don’t seem to fix will no longer be an issue and your “Santa belly” will be a thing of the past.

CoolSculpting® also delivers the added bonus of more youthful looking skin. As if regaining a slimmer, more athletic figure wasn’t enough, patients also notice a real visible improvement in their skin texture and tightness. It’s no wonder CoolSculpting® is the #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure used by millions of patients around the world.

If a slimmer self has been on your wish list, then maybe this holiday season is the time to give yourself the body you’ve always wanted and let someone else wear the big red suit instead. Schedule your free consultation today and let’s make that wish come true.

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