IPL-Intense Pulsed Light

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light in Portland

Brighten your beauty

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or Broad Band Light (BBL) is one of the oldest and most popular treatments in laser medicine. IPL is a non-invasive and non-ablative anti-aging and pigmentation treatment. Like the name suggests, it pulses the skin with an intense light similar to a laser, but with a lower intensity.

IPL therapy is is effective for skin imperfections such as:

  • brown spots
  • redness
  • rosacea
  • melasma
  • pigment blotchiness
  • broken blood vessels

As an added bonus, IPL promotes luster, brightness and clarity of the skin, subtly stimulating healthier, younger looking skin.

How it Works

The light energy in IPL is absorbed by the pigment in the skin and the heat that’s generated damages or destroys the structure that holds the color. The treatment stimulates the body’s natural healing process to shed damaged, unwanted cells. IPL brings about more clarity and evenness in tone.

What you can expect:

  • Although you can choose individual treatments, we usually recommend a package of three sessions, 3-4 weeks apart for maximum effectiveness and skin clarity.
  • Our trained providers will apply numbing cream to the area prior to treatment to make your experience more comfortable.
  • After the treatment you may experience some swelling or redness and some subtle shedding of brown spots for a few days.
  • Brown spots will darken over the next few days, then lighten and shed.
  • You’ll need to stay out of the sun or UV rays for several days following your treatment. It’s a good idea to always wear good sunblock and avoid excessive UV exposure prevent more signs of aging.
  • Results include a more even skin tone and a brighter glow,
  • The improvement from even 1 IPL treatment is visible within one week.

Why choose Key Laser for IPL?

IPL treatments are widely available at medspas and other clinics. Do your research and choose carefully. Any provider you choose should have responsible physician supervision. We often see, firsthand, the negative consequences from poorly performed IPL treatments by minimally-trained staff at clinics without expertise. As with any laser or light treatment, it is important to choose well-trained medical providers. Dr. Douglas Key is an internationally recognized industry leader and his published works and research have helped shape the field of cosmetic laser medicine. Every practitioner at Key Laser is highly skilled and trained in the best skin treatment techniques.

As a medical expert, Dr. Key often weighs in on questions about treatments on RealSelf. Click here to read Dr. Key’s answer regarding IPL safety.

FAQs About IPL in Portland

With each pulse of the laser, you’ll feel a mild stinging sensation. An anesthetic is typically not necessary. Afterward, expect some sunburn-like redness that should resolve on its own within a few days.

The most frequent side effect is a darkening of brown spots on the treatment area, which will flake for one or two weeks. You may also experience a halo-like redness around any brown spots that can last for two to three days.

Your IPL price will depend on the area you are having treated and the number of sessions necessary to address the cosmetic problem. For example, if treating brown spots or melasma, most people will need up to six appointments for ideal results. On the other hand, most patients require approximately three treatments done every three to four weeks for addressing redness. We’ll provide quotes for cost and the number of sessions necessary for your cosmetic concern will be provided after a skin assessment during your consultation.

IPL before and after requires minimal recovery time. Darkening and discoloration are most evident after the first appointment and less noticeable after subsequent sessions. You can hide these side effects with makeup. To avoid complications and attain an optimal outcome, we ask you not to tan or use self-tanner spray for two weeks before treatment. Also, we recommend avoiding direct sun exposure for at least 48 hours before and after your treatment.

After a series of IPL sessions, your improvements can last for years with proper skin care and sun protection. Remember, UV exposure can reverse the effects of your intense pulsed light treatment by causing additional discoloration. A skin care regimen that includes diligent sunscreen use is the only thing standing between you and the appearance of future sunspots and hyperpigmentation.

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