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Key Loyalty Program

Here at Key Laser, we offer a fantastic loyalty program to all of our new and returning patients. Our loyalty program is an excellent way to gain credit towards any of our services. The best part is, all you have to do is tell someone you know!

If you know anyone that could benefit from our services, let them know! We reward all new patient referrals with $50 credit. If you refer a new patient for a service, you will both receive this credit that you can use towards any service.

When the new patient arrives, we will ask them to fill out paperwork for their first visit. Under the “how did you hear about us?” section, they will need to write the referring patient’s name, or turn in a physical referral card.

We will then input the referral information into our system and add the $50 credit to the new patient’s profile. If the new patient was referred to by a current patient, we would also add the $50 credit to their account!

If the referral successfully meets our criteria, we will let the referring patient know within a week that a $50 credit has been added to their account via email. *This email will not reveal any specific information about the new patient.

To meet these criteria, you must follow the rules as described in the next section.

  • To receive the $50 credit, the referred patient cannot be a returning patient.
  • That being said, there is not any limit to the number of new patients you can bring in! The same rules apply for every new patient that you tell.
  • The new patient must write down the referring patient’s name. The referring patient must be a Key Laser patient.
  • Note that the credit is not transferrable, and can only be used on services, not products.

If you aren’t sure about anything, feel free to ask! To learn more about our rewards program or any of our excellent services, call us at (503) 291-1953 or contact us online today!

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