Is Hormone Optimization Right for Me?

Like red and white blood cells, hormones perform a vital function in facilitating necessary bodily functions. Hormones are chemicals distributed to your body by various glands in your endocrine system, consisting of the pancreas and thyroid gland. After producing these hormones, the chemicals travel through your bloodstream and manage bodily operations. For example, there are… Read More

Feeling Fatigued but Can’t Sleep? Hormone Optimization Might Help!

Tossing and turning when you need sleep is no fun. It’s ten times worse if you don’t know what to blame. Once you’ve addressed the usual suspects––excess caffeine, screen time, and not feeling tired––it might be time to focus on something different. Here we reveal more about the hormones that make you sleepy and keep… Read More

Lose Fat and Slim Your Thighs With Vanquish

With so much time spent on slimming and shaping your figure, wouldn’t you love to make body contouring less challenging? At Key Laser Institute in the Pacific Northwest, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Douglas Key helps women and men shape their thighs and abdomen with the innovative non-surgical treatments Vanquish and Vanquish Flex. Vanquish is a non-invasive… Read More

You Don’t Need Surgery to Get the Body You Want!

With aesthetic medicine booming over the last decade, one fact has become apparent to many people in the Pacific Northwest: If you need help reshaping your body to its youthful contours, cosmetic surgery is not your only option. Non-surgical procedures have proliferated, allowing you to rejuvenate your body without incisions, sutures, or downtime. At Key… Read More

CoolSculpting vs. Surgical Body Contouring

For decades, liposuction was the only way women and men could reduce stubborn, exercise-resistant fat pockets. Though this procedure is highly effective, it’s also an invasive approach that comes with risks and potential complications. Fortunately, advancements in cosmetic medicine have revolutionized body contouring. As a result, many safe and effective non-surgical options have emerged for… Read More

Combining CoolSculpting With Exercise

Are you looking to tone up your tummy, firm your thighs, or define your upper arms? Many women and men in the Pacific Northwest rely on CoolSculpting to help them say goodbye to stubborn fat. This quick, convenient non-surgical treatment uses a targeted freezing technology to reduce fat bulges and enhance body outlines. Board-certified dermatologist… Read More

Top 4 Treatments for Mom

Motherhood is a tough, 24/7 job that demands selflessness and sacrifice. Since mothers are always taking care of others before thinking about themselves, you should take every opportunity to treat your mom or the mother of your children right. Flowers, cards, and chocolate are thoughtful, but clichéd. One excellent way to show your love and… Read More

Postpartum CoolSculpting: What You Need to Know

Your body can change dramatically after childbirth – like stretch marks, loose skin, unwanted bulges, or even a change in your hair texture and bra size. Though many celebrity magazines and beauty blogs make it seem like any woman can quickly bounce back from the stress of pregnancy and childbirth, you might have discovered your… Read More

Why Men Love SculpSure

Move over, ladies – more men are discovering SculpSure to help them melt away unwanted fat in those trouble zones diet and exercise ignore. This treatment offers the best non-surgical option for permanently eliminating pesky fat pads. That’s right – after SculpSure, your unwanted fat bulges will be gone for good. SculpSure is an excellent… Read More

Body Sculpting Isn’t Only for Women! Here’s What Men Need to Know

We could all use a little bit of extra help achieving our body contouring goals. While the public perception of cosmetic medicine has traditionally been women-oriented, that outdated idea has started to change in recent years. Now, men have learned to take advantage of aesthetic advancements to look their best as well. Though eating right… Read More