Top 4 Treatments for Mom

Motherhood is a tough, 24/7 job that demands selflessness and sacrifice. Since mothers are always taking care of others before thinking about themselves, you should take every opportunity to treat your mom or the mother of your children right. Flowers, cards, and chocolate are thoughtful, but clichéd. One excellent way to show your love and… Read More

Postpartum CoolSculpting: What You Need to Know

Your body can change dramatically after childbirth – like stretch marks, loose skin, unwanted bulges, or even a change in your hair texture and bra size. Though many celebrity magazines and beauty blogs make it seem like any woman can quickly bounce back from the stress of pregnancy and childbirth, you might have discovered your… Read More

Why Men Love SculpSure

Move over, ladies – more men are discovering SculpSure to help them melt away unwanted fat in those trouble zones diet and exercise ignore. This treatment offers the best non-surgical option for permanently eliminating pesky fat pads. That’s right – after SculpSure, your unwanted fat bulges will be gone for good. SculpSure is an excellent… Read More

Body Sculpting Isn’t Only for Women! Here’s What Men Need to Know

We could all use a little bit of extra help achieving our body contouring goals. While the public perception of cosmetic medicine has traditionally been women-oriented, that outdated idea has started to change in recent years. Now, men have learned to take advantage of aesthetic advancements to look their best as well. Though eating right… Read More

How Long Does It Take to See Results From ThermiSmooth?

Many Portland patients seek a non-surgical approach to resolving lax skin and wrinkles. ThermiSmooth for the face offers outstanding benefits in only a few treatment sessions. First, Dr. Key will assess your skin condition to create a strategic treatment plan, then administer each session one to three weeks apart, which allows collagen to regenerate safely… Read More

Tighten Facial and Neck Skin With Genius RF

Genius RF microneedling employs collagen induction therapy with radiofrequency energy to minimize scar and wrinkle appearance, improve skin texture, and tighten skin – all without scalpels, sutures, discomfort, or downtime. Manufactured by Lutronic, the Genius RF device is ideal for facial, neck, and chest skin rejuvenation. But it can treat almost any area of your… Read More

What Is Gentle YAG, and What Can It Do for You?

Over the past couple of decades, laser treatments have come a long way. The Gentle YAG system is a recently developed technology with proven efficacy for a wide range of aesthetic conditions. This cutting-edge treatment brings new advantages to men and women with cosmetic concerns. The process employs a patented cooling system developed for skin… Read More

Repair Skin Damage With IPL Treatments

Skin damage can be frustrating, causing unsightly facial blemishes and affecting self-confidence. Imperfections can develop due to excess sun exposure, or as part of the natural aging process. Whether you suffer from sun damage, age spots, or other skin flaws, you don’t have to accept these skin issues. Intense pulsed light therapy employs advanced cosmetic… Read More

CoolSculpting vs. Kybella: Which Is Better for You?

Excess fat, flab, and bulging tissue tend to plague specific body parts. These areas accumulate sagging skin and tend to ignore diet and exercise. One of the most widespread problem areas is the submental region, specifically the upper neck and chin. When excess fat builds in the submental region, it can lead to what most… Read More

Top In-Office Treatments That Help Make Stubborn Cellulite Disappear

Cellulite is a cosmetic concern for many women. Patients seek treatments that attack this problem from all angles and eliminate stubborn fibrous bands responsible for the unsightly pockets between skin and fat tissues. Cellulite’s uneven texture happens because of a buildup of fat cells between the fibrous bands that connect your skin and muscles. The… Read More