Botox Before Wrinkles? The Benefits of Getting Botox Before Wrinkles Become a Problem

Sure, Botox has been around forever, and it’s probably one of the most popular anti-aging procedures in the world, but there’s a new wave of Botox users responsible for the latest resurgence in popularity: people in their 20s. While Botox is typically seen as a way to temporarily reverse already existing wrinkles and lines, more and more people are using Botox early to prevent wrinkles from forming in the future. Since its invention, Botox has been used as a treatment for excessive sweating, migraines, and muscle spasms; now it’s also a great defense against wrinkles.

The Science of Botox

Before we dive into how Botox can prevent wrinkles, let’s go over how Botox softens them in the first place. Botox works by relaxing the muscles in our face that lead to fine lines and wrinkles—also known as expression lines. By relaxing these muscles, the expression lines they form are softened, too. The more entrenched these fine lines and wrinkles are in the face, the harder it is to smooth them out, which is why more and more patients are opting to start Botox early. Rather than leaving the problem to their future selves, proactive patients in their 20s are choosing to nip it in the bud, now.


Botox works down to the molecular level to gradually prevent your muscles from responding to signals from the brain. Preventative Botox stops the problematic muscles in its tracks by continuously relaxing the muscles until they weaken, and finally, atrophy. That way, even after years of laughter, you’re less likely to form those dreaded deep creases and pesky fine lines.

Training and Routine

Being expressive is never a bad thing, but the repeated use of facial muscles (like scrunching up your face) can lead to the early formation of wrinkles. Of course, it’s not always reasonable for us to stop ourselves from squinting or frowning ever again. That’s where the Botox comes in; after using it a while, people just get used to not performing these bad facial habits, so Botox doesn’t just train your muscles, it trains you, too!

Prevention, prevention, prevention—it’s the best plan of action against aging. You don’t have to wait for signs of aging to appear for you to do something; contact Key Laser now for a consultation on preventative Botox.

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