Top Tips for Achieving Perfect Skin During Winter

Now that the holidays are over, what did you wish for? A new car? Cash? How about the chance to achieve perfect skin? After all, what better gift is there than skin that feels youthful and refreshed?

Well, it’s not too late to get your holiday wish! Here are some of our top tips for achieving that much sought after, perfect complexion.

  1. Halt Those Hot Showers!

There’s nothing better than a hot bath or shower to recover from a cold winter’s day, right? Unfortunately, what may feel amazing might not be so good for your skin. Hot baths and showers can really dry out your skin, exacerbating the already drying effects of the cold winter air. A nice relaxing bath is good for the soul, but this winter, it might be time to take it easy on the long hot showers.

  1. Always Hydrate

If giving up hot showers is too much, don’t worry, there are still ways to protect your skin during the cold weather so that you can still have flawless, youthful skin. After every single shower or bath, lock in that moisture by immediately applying lotions and creams. Not only will it protect you from dryness or irritation, but well-hydrated skin will give you a refreshed and glowing look.

  1. Don’t Forget SPF

January and sunburns: two things that people don’t usually associate together; however, winter is actually one of the most crucial times to protect your skin from sun damage. While some kinds of UV Rays dissipate during the winter, others stay consistent. In fact, 80% of UV Rays pass through clouds, so don’t ignore that overcast sky, you still need to protect yourself. Don’t neglect your skin protection this year, and you can be sure to have flawless skin for the rest of the year.

  1. Bump It Up a Notch

Are you tired of always being on the defensive? Defending against the sun, signs of aging, and damage to the skin? Now’s your chance to restore your skin down to the cellular level: skin rejuvenation procedures like IPL, PicoSure Focus, and Infini.  IPL is perfect for winter to get rid of sun damage. PicoSure Focus is an overall great treatment to stimulate collagen, treat sun damage and resolve fine lines. INFINI is also great for overall skin quality as well as scars. The best part of all? They can do it without a single suture or incision.

Perfect skin is the perfect post-holiday treat, and with just a few procedures or changes in your routine, it’s easy to achieve. Contact Key Laser now, to get your gift of healthy and glowing skin.

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