Fine Tuning with SculpSure®—When Diet and Exercise Aren’t Enough.

Does this sound familiar? You exercise regularly eat a healthy diet and are in pretty good shape, yet certain areas of your body just won’t let go of the fat. The belly pooch, love handles, and bra fold are persistently present and no amount of sit-ups, trail runs or skipped meals seem to make a difference. Well, you’re not alone. I hear this complaint time and time again from patients, which is why I get so excited talking about SculpSure®!

SculpSure® is a revolutionary FDA cleared laser procedure that allows you to fine tune those stubborn areas of your body, so you can finally have the physique you’ve been working so hard to achieve. This non-invasive procedure delivers light and heat to the layer of fat beneath your skin’s surface with pinpoint precision; destroying the targeted fat cells, while leaving your skin and surrounding tissues unharmed. There is minimal discomfort during the procedure and no downtime to recover, making this the ideal procedure for patients with busy active lives.

Of course, the best part is the results—permanent removal of fat cells. Unlike dieting, which only shrinks fat cells, SculpSure® actually destroys the cells. Your body takes care of the rest, naturally eliminating the dead cells through your lymphatic system and within 6-12 weeks you begin to see a real change in your appearance. Without having to deprive yourself or spend even more time in the gym, those stubborn areas of fat simply fade away.

At Key Laser, we realize that one size does not fit all. You have options…so not only is SculpSure a great option for fat reduction, we also have Cool Sculpting available too! If you are ready to say good bye to your fat for good, schedule your free consultation with me today and find out whether SculpSure® or Cool Sculpting is right for you.