Highlights of the Year – 2013

What an eventful year! The Pope resigned, Edward Snowden revealed widespread government spying, Kim Kardashian had a baby, a massive typhoon struck the Philippines, Tony Soprano died and a royal heir was born!

This was an eventful year for us at Key Laser too. It was full of special moments for our staff, both here at the clinic and with our friends and families.

Over holiday gift basket goodies we talked about highlights of this year. Here are some favorites.

“A very special moment for me was with my 3-year-old granddaughter met the librarian and could barely speak, she was so excited! In her eyes the librarian was a celebrity!” – Wendy B.

“I was so happy when my cousin, who has been hospitalized for a year, got to come home this past May. It has been really exciting to work with Voluma. It was just released and it’s the only FDA approved filler for mid-face volume. Also my children have grown so much. My daughter turned 9 and my son turned 2 this year.” – Jessica C.

“I attended an Advanced Training for Ultherapy that was both educational and fun, I had a great time meeting other professionals around the country that do what I do, I made new friends through Key Laser, and I managed to throw an amazing surprise party for my other half!” – Lisa J.

“I joined Key Laser as the Marketing and Communications Director this past August. It’s been great getting to know everyone and sharing the amazing work that we do here. We are truly offering the future of cosmetic medicine right here, right now, and all under one roof!” -Melissa

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