The ABCs of Skin Care

We know that eating nutritious food, like fruits and veggies, gives our body what it needs to stay healthy. But what about skin?

“No matter how much you eat, only a certain amount of vitamins are delivered to the skin,” says Dr. Key. “To help skin look and feel its best, you need to apply vitamins to the skin topically.”

Research has identified certain nutrients that are essential for preventing and reversing many signs of skin aging. Each of these vitamins provides different functions for the skin. Here are some of the basics:

Vitamin A: Vitamin A derivatives are known as retinoids. They help to regulate the production of collagen and improve skin texture, firmness and smoothness.

Vitamin B: Reduces sensitivity to UV light and redness. B Vitamins, such as B3 and B5 boost oxygen flow and help the skin retain moisture.

Vitamin C: Targets the nasty free radicals that cause cell oxidation. C also provides cellular protection against UV light, just as important in the winter as summer.

Vitamin D: Promotes skin cell turnover to improve hydration, feel, texture and firmness. Also prevents cellular inflammation.

Vitamin E: Think of E as your ally in the war against dryness. It provides UV light protection, protects cell structure, enhances barrier function and improves the appearance of rough, dry, damaged skin. What a superhero!

A well-formulated skin care routine is an important step toward giving your skin its RDA of essential vitamins. Our skin care experts can help you find the right products for your skin type. Come in for a free consultation and get started on a healthy path!

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