Key Laser Lift – The Next Noninvasive Edge in Laser Medicine

Better precsion and better results found through heat imaging and laser skin tightening combination

Key Laser Lift combines real time heat imaging with laser skin tightening to bring you the next noninvasive
edge in laser medicine. Thermal imaging let’s us see, for the first time, the actual laser or radiofrequency heat energy absorption into the skin surface. When combined with lasers and radiofrequency skin heating, thermal imaging gives a precision and evenness to treatments. This combination also offers better safety to ensure the best result.

Major Advance in Aesthetic Medicine

Lasers such as laser lift, or radiofrequency, so called RF, energy,stimulate collagen growth and skin tightening, by controlled heat energy being applied to your skin. To now be able to see the absorption and the evenness of the energy being applied into the skin surface, practitioners of laser medicine are able to offer more precise, effective and safe treatments.

Thermal imaging allows us to safely treat both the skin surface with either the Key Laser Lift, or ThermiSmooth RF, or lets us go deeper, to take our energy and use it under the skin, as with ThemiTight. The precise energy control of ThermiTight let’s us sculpt and tighten the neck or arms, or wherever there you have looser skin and fat excess.

Publised articles on the subject by Dr. Douglas Key:

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